Jelly Belly® Dr. Pepper® Jelly Beans


The secret syrup in the soda pop flavors sent this bean to the top of the bean chart. The response was so rapturous that it has secured a place in the pantheon of all-time great jelly beans. Did you know that the real Dr. Pepper’s name was actually Charles Alderton, and that he named his beloved soda after the father of a girl he was in love with? Thanks Mr. Alderton for inspiring us to create the refreshing and delightful Dr. PepperÒ jelly beans made with real Dr. Pepper® flavor! These tongue-tingling beans are some of the all-time greats, which is why they’re one of our 50 Official Flavors! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for cool Dr. Pepper® gifts or are just a diehard soda sipper, these always-popular Jelly Belly® beans are sure to delight and quench!  Approximately 400 beans per pound.

All Jelly Belly® jelly beans are Kosher “OU” Certified, gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, fat free and vegetarian friendly.

Sold in 1/4 pound increments.