The Sweet Tooth Shoppe opened with you in mind. Building your lasting memories with those that you love and hold dear in your heart. Families are what we are all about!

The Sweet Tooth Shoppe opened its doors February of 2009. Just six months before, in August of 2008, Karen O’Neill, owner, and her husband Tim were driving through the city of Fulshear, which is just 35 miles from Houston. She turned to her husband and stated, “Do you know what Fulshear needs?” Tim replied with, “What would that be”? Karen said matter of factually, “A candy store”. Tim quickly responded, “Go for it”!

Karen has very personal reasons for wanting a candy and ice cream store. Although both of their children are grown, she still holds wonderful memories of visiting their hometown candy store with their son and daughter. When they would take vacations and saw a candy store they would pop in for candies both new and old. Exploring and having a great family time.

Our lives have become so busy – we are constantly on the go and it becomes more and more difficult to stop and create the memories that matter the most with those we love. Come create your own memories. For us those moments and what you create mean the world to all of us here at The Sweet Tooth Shoppe.